On the water...
meetings, training courses, team building
exhibitions, product presentations and more

the Merlijn is your dynamic venue!

The magic of Merlin is that she functions as a training course/conference room in  a dynamic location
where the enchantment and peace of water are everywhere.
This is in stark contrast to conference centres ashore where everything is static.

Managers can escape from the hectic pace at the office
and can let their ideas grow into concrete objectives
in the soothing atmosphere of water and nature.

Team spirit
Is strengthened by being active together:
- canoeing
- riding mountain bikes
- building a float and going sailing on it
- taking a whisper-boat tour
- or a nature walk or city tour.
All these activities and more are supervised by our specialists.
If you require, we will provide sports instructors and trainers.

Managers, ICT specialists, members of works councils:
You will all feel at home on board and experience the optimal effectivity of your company and your own, personal strengths.

The Merlin is also the ideal venue for your
product presentations and exhibitions
You and your staff sail with the Merlin to meet clients and receive visitors, and once the work is done you can all relax on board and enjoy the comfort of the cabins.
On board, your presentations/exhibitions remain intact in the
multifunctional salon
while your staff relaxes or uses the sports equipment if they choose.
No traffic jams in the evening or the morning!

You can book the Merlin for a
- half day
- whole day
- or a number of days, depending on your programme.
You can book directly with us or via your events and communication agency.

Tailored quotation
Have you got other ideas or wishes than those mentioned above?
Contact us and we will be only too happy to make you a tailored quote!
We will include your desired departure and arrival points
and your preferred sailing route.
If you let us know the region you would prefer to visit,
our skipper will propose a sailing route.
Click on Sailing Routes to get an idea of what we can offer you.