Chartering our ship for a half-day session will cost you EUR 2,200
This is exclusive of tax, food and beverages and any entertainment or other activities.

Some examples complete with prices
Charter plan Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
Morning and afternoon (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
Including buffet lunch, excluding other food and beverages.
For 30 persons: EUR 4.600 
Up to 48 persons: EUR 4.900
Prices for more persons on request.

Afternoon and evening (2:00 p.m.- 11.00 p.m.) All inclusive
Including drinks, snacks and dinner
For 30 persons EUR 7.000
Up to 48 persons: EUR 8.250
Prices for more persons on request

It is also possible to book overnight accommodation for a group of a maximum of 24 persons. 2 days with overnight accommodation for one night and full board, including tea and coffee, costs EUR 7,400.
Accommodation is on the basis of twin share.
If you would like to include more activities in your weekend, we will do our best to meet your wishes. Any extra costs involved will be discussed with you on the spot.

For example:

Imagine you arrive in a nature reserve or in the vicinity of a town where you would like to make a whisper boat tour. In consultation with you we will fit the tour you’re your programme.

If you would like to go on an active weekend, you can choose between cycling and canoeing. The price for a 2-day package is EUR 8.500 
Take a look at our Sailing Routes through the Oostvaarderplassen and see an example of what such a weekend programme could look like.

You can find a quieter weekend at Southern Netherlands.

Pass your ideas on to us and we’ll do all we can to make your weekend a memorable one.

We have shown you a few options – but of course, there are many more available.

Since every group of people has its own wishes and preferences, we will send you a program proposal with a quote for the total price, tailored according to your specific desires.
We will discuss all catering and entertainment and sporting options with you personally beforehand.