Henk Karelse

Henk, the Merlijn's skipper, is an avid outdoor sportsman who has extensive experience in organising charter cruises and boating on the Netherlands' inland waterways. For years he has taken passengers sailing on Lake Marker and Lake IJssel in his ship the Broedertrouw. When it comes to finding areas of great natural beauty, Henk has no equal. During the years when he was a barge skipper, he stopped in many such areas to take on cargos of sand and gravel before unloading them at various places up and down Europe's rivers and canals. As a restorer of classic ships himself, he has impressed designers with his enthusiasm and experience, and inspired them to create unique blueprints for reconstructing the interiors of several ships, including that of the Merlijn.

Jantien Wondergem

Jantien grew up in a family with a recreation-related business. Later, as an adult, she worked in the tourist industry herself for several years, gaining professional experience in marketing, sales, management, organisation and tour operating. One of her major projects was to set up a quality assessment system for hotels and restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad. With her background in these areas, Jantien is confident that she can provide you with the highest level of service while you are on board the Merlijn.

Together, Jantien and Henk complement each other in their operation of the Merlijn. Their combined expertise is your guarantee of a pleasurable and carefree stay. Their strengths are especially evident in the training and teambuilding sessions they hold on board.