Example of a two-day team-building programme
in the Gelderland river region

The following activities are applicable:
- mountain biking;
- canoe /cross country;
- raft building.
We can provide wet suits and neoprene shoes for all participants in the event of adverse weather conditions.
Needless to say, life vests are supplied for safety reasons.

Departure and return: Rijnkade, Arnhem.
Two days, including an overnight stay on board.

The programme:
Day 1:
9:30 a.m.: welcome with coffee/tea and a brief introduction to the day’s programme.

10:00 a.m. :departure from Arnhem.
We sail upstream on the Nederrijn until we allow the ship to turn almost full circle in order to set course down the IJssel.
We then sail downstream through the beautiful upper region of the IJssel in Gelderland for an hour until we reach De Steeg.
Here we turn into an old, dammed-off arm of the IJssel.

At around 11:30 a.m. we moor the ship by its sampson post between the breakwaters and lower the long gangway to the shore.

After lunch, at about 12:30 p.m., the hydraulic crane sets the mountain-bike rack ashore. Your instructor/trainer first issues proper MTB instructions after which the mountain-bike group is ready to depart.

The second canoe/cross country group is lowered into the water in two small boats.
After sailing downstream for about 2½ km, the group goes ashore. Guided by our expert instructor they tour the old channels and clay pits of the Havikerwaard and Loenense Middelwaard.
After a few hours, depending on the water level and the stamina of the group, Hank they arrive at the IJssel ,via the Dierense Hank, where our tenders pick them up. They are brought back to the Merlijn across the IJssel – or the diehards among them can sail further with an instructor.
The Merlijn has now berthed at Het Zwarte Schaar, an arm of the IJssel dammed-off long ago, lying below Doesburg.
Here, the mountain bikers return on board.

At around 5:00 p.m. the activities for the day end, and an informal BBQ with salad bar is organised - either on shore on a lovely stretch of river beach for the outdoor types, or onboard.
The BBQ is preceded by an evaluation of the day’s activities.
After an evening of fun on board and a good night’s sleep, you are ready for the challenges of the second day.

Day 2:
8:30 a.m.: after an extensive breakfast the instructors/trainers outline the day’s programme.
For example:
Collectively - but divided into groups – a number of team-building activities are performed.
Collective raft building.
On completion a no-holds-barred rafting competition takes place.
The ship’s propeller can be used to safely churn up the water to add an extra degree of difficult to the competition!

After all this exertion it’s time for a shower at our outdoor showers.
Dressing gowns are donned and wetsuits are hung up in the airing cupboards on deck. You now have the chance to return to your own cabin to get dressed.

After this the group comes together for refreshments and to view the day’s proceedings on video, if desired.
The final evaluation assesses how each participant handled the day’s challenges.

The programme is flexible and open to change

In consultation with the trainers, participants may decide to choose a different spot to spend the night.

Outdoor types may prefer the natural surroundings of an abandoned quarry and others may choose the wharf in the IJssel town, Doesburg for a visit ashore to the local pubs, for example.

A compromise is to moor close to the abandoned quarry and provide transport for those wishing to go into town.