Two-day Flevo Polder experience incl. canoe trips

You can embark, for example, in Amsterdam.
We then sail via Lake Marker to Lelystad. Here we literally sail to ‘the bottom of the sea’ into the polder. Depending on the water level, this descent can easily be some 7 metres.
The Merlijn then sails through part of the Flevo Polder along the Hoge Vaart and berths at an inlet at the Oostvaardersplassen.
You spend the night onboard in a magnificent nature reserve.
The next day, you leave the Merlijn and make a fantastic canoe trip through the plassen of the nature reserve.
You can choose to take a trip of 5, 10 or 20 km, always under supervision of an expert guide. You return to the Merlijn to enjoy some well-earned pampering and hospitality.
We then continue to Almere Harbour where we descend again.
At the end of the day we have returned to our point of embarkation, but if you would prefer to disembark at a different spot we will do our utmost to arrange this for you.


Southern Netherlands:
Weekend trip Maastricht-Roermond-Maastricht

Saturday and Sunday

At around 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning you board the Merlijn in Maastricht.
We first sail to Visé where we make a spectacular trip through various locks!
We then sail back to Maastricht and on to Roermond. On both days we sail for about 6 hours.
The Juliana Canal offers breathtaking views of the landscape of Limburg. We sail on the Meuse along the border and admire the gravel pits.
In the historic town of Wessem, we take a break. After a bit if sightseeing, we stop for a drink at one of the pavement cafés along the river.
Our mooring place for our overnight stay was decided in mutual consultation, taking into account the water levels and the opening and closing times of any relevant locks.

At the end of the afternoon on Sunday , you can disembark in Maastricht.